Empowering the Future of Crypto Innovation

At Legion, we embarked on a journey in early 2021 with a bold vision—to revolutionize access to early-stage crypto opportunities. As a community-driven crypto venture fund, we strive to redefine the landscape by combining innovation, art, and real utility.


We aim to democratise crypto investments, breaking down barriers so everyone can invest as if they were a venture capital firm. We aim to reduce risk and increase profit, making the crypto world accessible to all.


In our vision, top-tier early-stage investment opportunities are not constrained to a select few. We envision an open and fair investment ecosystem where innovation knows no boundaries. We are committed to building a world where opportunities are limitless and accessible.

Core values

We strongly believe in anonymity, privacy, the right to freely transact and exchange. Open and permissionless, transparent and accountable, without any borders, discrimination or censorship. We do not, and never will, collect or store any personal data.

Global Community, Global Impact

We are proud to have a diverse and expansive community from around the world. This global network enriches our perspectives, fuels our innovation, and has been instrumental in delivering consistent returns, with an impressive average of 1200%.